Amy & Hardy Nickerson Academic Achievement Awards

Please join me in congratulating the following 2015 Amy & Hardy Nickerson Academic Achievement Award winners:

#54 Chris Flood (Bishop O'Dowd HS)

#5 Ricky Walker III (San Leandro HS)

In 2015, these two student athletes were great examples of how to be successful off the field and in the classroom. They each finished their fall semesters with a 4.14 GPA. Great job gentlemen!!! They each received a new 2015 Lenovo Z580 laptop computer, courtesy of Best Buy.


(Chris Flood LB - left)

(Ricky Walker RB - right)

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Achievement Awards

Offensive and Defensive MVP's

Please join me in congratulating our 2015 Bay Area Cali Classic game MVPs:

#11 Offensive MVP - Sean Simpson (Logan HS)

#9 Defensive MVP - Evan Dawson (Dougherty Valley) 

Each of these young men BALLED OUT at the 2015 Bay Area Cali Classic and were awarded with the latest ASUS Chromebooks, courtesy of Best Buy. These two will be making their own highlight reels in no time!!


(Sean Simpson - left)

(Evan Dawson - right)

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Community Service

At Break The Hudl Sports, we RISE by uplifting others. We believe that the ability to serve is the most important quality a leader can have.

Our 2015 Bay Area Cali Classic teams donated hundreds of canned food goods to donate to the Alameda County Food Bank in support of their effort to end the fight against hunger.  However, Junior Diala, QB from American High School surprised us ALL when he single handedly brought 355 canned goods to the game!! Great job, Junior!!‪


(Junior Diala and his family feeling proud!)

#GivingBack #FightAgainstHunger #CommunityService